Products made with CXD90™ are categorised as Foods for Special Medical Purposes

The key ingredients used in CXD90™ are safe as they are derived from natural plant sources and are found in certain foods widely consumed by most of the population. Clinical studies consistently demonstrated that the ingredients in CXD90™ have a good safety profile and are well tolerated in the subjects. Some clinical trials that assessed the efficacy of these ingredients also assessed its safety and the ingredients were generally found to have good compliance and there were no adverse effects related to the consumption of these ingredients.

CXD90™ provides relief from spasms and intestinal inflammations naturally and safely. As a result of this non-drug efficacy, products made with CXD90™ are categorised as foods for special medical purposes.

* Foods for Special Medical Purposes

Dietary foods for special medical purposes are intended for patients with medically determined nutrient requirements, which cannot be achieved by simple modification of a diet alone.


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